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Your Trusted Mortgage Broker

Rui Alberto Maia, Courtier Hypothécaire affilié aux Centres Hypothécaires Dominion

About Rui Alberto Maia

Since 1996 I have been working in the field of Financial Service. I have worked in several levels within a Financial Institution. My past experiences includes Sales Manager, manager of a Financial Instiution and the management of a team of advisors and branch managers. During my career, I have assisted many clients in the following:

  • acquire their first or second property,
  • offer advice and tips to improve their credit report so that they can obtain mortgage financing,
  • establish a financial plan to ensure that they have the necessary liquidity to carry out their project
  • assist a client who is in a particular situation.

Those examples are just a few projects that I have assisted and completed with success.

Assisting you in carrying out your project is my priority. You need help with:

  • purchasing your first or second property;
  • perhaps you need liquidity in order to carry out a project;
  • possibly your mortgage is about to mature;
  • or renovations for your current home.

With my knowledge, my skills, and my network of professionals and lenders, I will assist you to achieve your goal(s).

Here is a list of the other services I offer:

Financial advice

  • Financial coaching
  • Consultation for businesses
  • Real Estate investment advice
  • Advice for buying a mortgage
  • Debt management advice
  • Financial advice during\after a divorce
  • Financial advice for businesses
  • Financial advice for retirement
  • Advice for buying real estate

Credit report, bankruptcy and consumer proposal

  • Financial advice following bankruptcy or a consumer proposal
  • Credit related financial advice
  • Tips for improving business solvency
  • Tips for improving personal creditworthiness
  • Advice for people who have declared bankruptcy and wish to obtain mortgage financing
  • Advice for people who have made a consumer proposal wanting to obtain mortgage financing
  • Correction of the credit report
  • Restoration of solvency


  • Assistance in finding the best rate for a mortgage loan
  • Assistance with mortgage underwriting
  • Reverse Mortgage Assistance
  • Establishment of a financing plan for an individual or a company

During one consultation with me, you have will access to various services, lenders, and various options available to you!

Professional Service

Services Professionnel

I aim to offer my clients a professional, attentive service focused on their needs. Those are my values and my priorities. To offer you the best on the market according to your situation and your objectives.

You are looking for a solution to a particular situation (bankruptcy, proposal, debt consolidation or other). How about a meeting so that we can discuss your situation and see if there is not a solution!

Full Program

Service complet

You have access to a complete program. I have access to several lenders and professionals who will allow me to meet your financial needs.

Therefore, with my network and my expertise, whether you are looking for:
• to acquire your first property, • considered buying another property, • a secondary residence, • commercial property, • carry out renovations, • go into retirement, • you have a bad credit history,
Whatever your project, I have the solution for you.

Amazing results

Résultats étonnants

You will be surprised at the results! Over the years, I have established plans, strategies to help several clients obtain the necessary financing for the project. And with success! In addition, you will have the best financing conditions, competitive interest rates and the financing you are looking for.

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